The safety of your data

The only data that e-Pass collects is your mobile number, your IC number and your check-in data whenever you voluntarily scan our e-Pass QR Code at our partner venues. This data is stored in a secure server which is NOT accessible to the public or to other e-Pass users.

We do not collect data about your GPS location

e-Pass uses a unique QR code scan solution to record a customer’s check-in timestamp and e-Pass health status at our partner venues solely for the purpose of contact tracing. Data on your location, your private addresses and other information is NOT collected.

Your check-in data will be deleted after a period of time

Your check-in data and timestamp collected at various venues will only be stored in our system for a period of 30 days, after which this data will be auto-deleted.

Your data will only be used for Covid-19 contact tracing

Once you give consent for your e-Pass data to be sent to the Ministry of Health (MoH), this data will be used solely to identify close and casual contacts who have or may potentially test positive for Covid-19.

Take back your consent anytime

If at any point you wish to discontinue using e-Pass, you may revoke your consent by emailing using the email registered to your e-Pass account. Once your e-Pass account has been deleted, all e-Pass data corresponding to your mobile number and device will be deleted from our servers.

Your data is safe from third-party services

Your e-Pass data is not given out to any third-party services. When you check-in by scanning the QR Code at a venue, the venue owner will only be able view your contact information partially (for example +6***-*****62), even after you verify your contact information. In accordance with the contact tracing requirements of the CMCO, your data may only be shared with the MoH and other relevant health authorities upon their official request for the sole purpose of contact tracing.

Changes to this policy

All changes to this privacy policy will be made on this page. e-PASS users are encouraged to check this page frequently to ensure they are up to date on the proper treatment and privacy of their data on the app.