Why use e-Pass for Work?

Stay Alert

Get instant alerts of staff contact with a Covid-19 case

Stay Safe

Keep your office premise free of Covid-19

Stay Informed

Receive updates and tips on safety practices during CMCO


Step 1: Create your e-Pass for Work account

Step 2: Account approved? Create e-Pass for Work profiles for all your employees

Step 3: Check employees’ health status daily before they enter the office




Step 4: Get instant alerts on staff who test positive for Covid-19

Step 5: Complete 2-week quarantine for yourself and remaining staff to reactive your e-Pass at Work account.




Step 1: Fill in and submit the e-PASS For Company application form below


Step 2: Application approved? Now download your auto – generated unique Station QR Code


Step 3:Display your unique Station QR Codes at your business premises


Step 4: Customers scan your Station QR Code to enter your premises


Step 5: Capture customer contact details and check-in time seamlessly



Interested? Create your e-PASS for Work account today


Got a Question? Get your Answer.

What is e-Pass ?

e-PASS.app is the first mobile application custom-designed to track and curb the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in Malaysia.

The team behind the e-PASS.app is closely following news on Covid-19 and analysing government policies and strategies daily to enhance the app’s overall framework and algorithm.

Where can I download the e-Pass app ?

Download e-Pass on The App Store (coming soon) or Google Playstore.

How do I create an e-Pass for Work account for my company ?

Visit https://e-pass.app/work and fill in your company details to create your e-Pass for Work account. Once your account has been approved, you can start creating profiles for all your employees. Your employees can download the e-Pass app on The App Store on Google Playstore and login to your company account through the app.

I’ve received an alert of a confirmed Covid-19 case in my staff. What should I do ?

Once you’ve received this alert, kindly advise the affected staff NOT to come in to work, but seek immediate treatment at hospital. Your remaining staff at the affected branch will be required to undergo 2 weeks of quarantine at home. Once quarantine has been completed, your e-Pass at Work profile will turn green again and you’ll be able to resume operations at your office.

Is e-Pass offered in other languages ?

Yes, e-Pass is available in Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin and Tamil.